Other Entities Grants

Call for applications: Valedora do Pobo Awards
  • Time Frame: from the day after the publication of the resolution in the DOG and until the established date (~March-October)
  • Organization: Valedora do Pobo
  • Objective: To regulate the awarding of the Valedora do Pobo awards to the best BT and MTin the field of equality and women's rights.
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Call for applications: Grant Oriol Urquijo Foundation
  • Time Frame: ~November
  • Organization: Oriol Urquijo Foundation
  • Objective: aimed at the completion of a doctoral thesis in the areas of Philosophy and Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences, and Theology.
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Call for applications: INPhINIT Retaining Doctorate
  • Time Frame: a month and a half after the publication of the call (~December)
  • Organization: La Caixa Foundation
  • Objective: to support the best scientific talent and promote innovative and high quality research in Spain and Portugal by recruiting excellent international students and offering them an attractive and competitive environment to carry out cutting-edge research.
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Call for applications: Grant for young researchers - Fundación Alternativas
  • Time Frame: November
  • Organization: Alternativas Foundation 
  • Objective: to stimulate the presentation of new proposals and visions of progress in the Spanish, European and Latin American political agenda.
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Call for applications: Excellence Scholarships
  • PTime Frame: ~January-February
  • Organization: Rafael del Pino Foundation
  • Objective: to contribute to the training of Spanish leaders, the encouragement of entrepreneurial spirit and activity in Spain and the research and dissemination of knowledge.
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Call for applications: Predoctoral Research
  • Time Frame: October
  • Objective: Fullbright
  • Objective: Aimed at Spanish graduates who are pursuing their doctoral degree in Spain and are interested in conducting predoctoral research projects in the US.
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Call for applications: "Ruth Lee Kennedy" Travel Grants
  • Time Frame: December
  • Organization: Fullbright
  • Objectivefor doctoral students who wish to conduct research in higher education institutions in the United States of America.
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Call for applications: AExtension of studies: Master & Ph.D.
  • Time Frame: January
  • Organization: Fullbright
  • Objective: for graduates interested in Master's or Ph.D. programs.
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Call for applications: Scholar-In-Residence
  • Time Frame: January
  • Organization: Fullbright
  • Objective: To offer a Spanish candidate the opportunity to collaborate for one academic year with Mott Community College (Flint, Michigan) to globalize their curriculum, organize a Study Abroad program and generally enhance the tools of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)..
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Call for applications: The BritishSpanish Society Scholarship Awards 
  • Time Frame: ~April-May
  • Organization: The BritishSpanish Society
  • Objective: to support links between the UK and Spain, sponsoring research in fields as diverse as medicine, urban planning, engineering, linguistics, literature, physics, architecture, marine archaeology and music.
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    Grants for Foreigners

    Call for applications:CAROLINA Foundation scholarships for doctoral students
    • Time Frame: from publication until the date specified in the notice of application. (~March-April)
    • Organization: co-funding in which the Carolina Foundation, the student's university or institution of origin and the Spanish host university participate
    • Objective: The PhD scholarships are aimed at promoting the attainment of the academic degree of doctorate among the teaching staff of Latin American universities associated with the Carolina Foundation
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    Call for applications: Predoctoral Reasearch - Fullbright
    • Time Frame: ~April-October
    • Organization: The US Government and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of Spain
    • Objective: To strengthen educational and cultural relations between the United States and Spain and to offer the grantees opportunities for research collaboration that will continue into the future.
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    Call for applications:Institutional Doctoral Program abroad (PDSE)
    • Time Frame: ~March
    • Organization: Coordination of Higher Education Personnel Training (CAPES)
    • Objective: To support the training of high-level human resources through the concession of scholarships for doctoral courses abroad recognized by CAPES. The stay abroad should include, as a priority, research in less established fields of knowledge in Brazil.
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