About our Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Economic Analysis and Business Strategy, regulated by R.D. 99/2011, is an interuniversity program active since 2014 in which the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo participate, giving continuity to doctoral studies that previously existed in the Galician University System.

The objective of the program is to train researchers capable of rigorously using economic models and handling empirical data to address theoretical or practical problems and to publish their conclusions in academic journals of international prestige.

The program has professors with extensive research experience in several economic and business fields, such as:

  • environmental and natural resource economics
  • strategic behavior and game theory
  • industrial information economics
  • health and family economics
  • economic policy analysis
  • macro and microeconomic analysis
  • quantitative methods
  • economic and financial analysis
  • corporate social responsibility and socially responsible finance
  • in management accounting auditing
  • innovation, human resources and operations management
  • organization and strategy of the company
  • spatial, urban and regional economics
  • inequality and gender economics
  • economic history
  • marketing and market research
  • economics and tourist business organization

The research group members involved in this Doctoral Program are integrated in renowned research groups of the Galician University System or in other research groups that obtain funding in various national and European competitive calls.